All-natural Lip Balm

All-natural Lip Balm


ChickaBees 100% pure beeswax lip balm is formulated to protect and moisturize your lips.  Goes on smooth and silky and leaves your lips soothed and satiny.


Made with a blend of beeswax, butters and oils it is also enriched with Vitamin E and two very powerful essential oils.


All natual ingredients with zero chemials and petoleum-free!


It Doesn't Get Better Than This!


NATURAL BEESWAX LIP BALM INGREDIENTS *  beeswax – a humectant, exfoliant, helps retain moisture * shea butter – moisturizing, exfoliant, (vit A) boosts collagen * avocado oil – increases collagen production * sweet almond oil – fully absorbed, it softens the skin * castor seed oil – stimulates collagen production and elastin * emu oil - high in omega 3/6/9's and also high in vitamin A (stimulates collagen production and elastin), * vitamin E – antioxidant, fights free radicals * lanolin – a humectant (attracts moisture/softens skin) * ESSENTIAL OILSmyrrh EO – antibacterial and antifungal * palmarosa EO – antiviral, balances production of sebum to keep skin supple and elastic



$3.00 ea 


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