by Design, "Antique Teacup" candle

by Design, "Antique Teacup" candle


Made with a blend of 100% Pure beeswax and organic coconut oil, the candles are both athentic and beautiful!

  These antique teacups look stunning on your dinner table, on your kitchen table, island or by your bath tub.  Anywhere you'd love to admire its beauty! 


  And so versitile!  Once you've burned your candle down, simply clean out any left over wax and repurpose your teacup for Tea.  Or for a cute little bird feeder.  Or to set by your bathroom sink to put your jewelry in.




Burn time 20 - 25 hours burn


* Please "contact us" for photos of available Teacup candles


Note:  Don't know what to do with those teacups from your china set?

          We will custom fill your Teacups for only $12 per cup!

This makes them usable And BEEutiful on your dinner table, or by your reading chair!

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