Daily Moisturizer

Daily Moisturizer


For a skin treatment your body will thank you for!

Pamper yourself - like the Goddess you Are!

  Hydrates, softens, protects.


Comes  -  scented with 100% essential oils.


DAILY MOISTURIZER INGREDIENTS Beeswax – protective breathable moisture barrier, exfoliant (high in Vit A), humectant * Almond oil – rich in vitamins A/B/D/E. fully absorbed, it locks in moisture and softens the skin

Coconut oil – excellent skin moisturizer, 85% lauric acid- which acts as an antibacterial agent for your skin * Grapeseed oil – rich in beta-carotene and vit C/D/E, rich in polyphenols (all help in reducing wrinkles and scars) * Rice bran oil – high in vit E, fully absorbed, improves skins elasticity, brightens skin * Shea butter – boosts collagen, moisturizing, exfoliant (high in Vit A) * Sunflower oil – a natural emollient, high in antioxidants, contains linoleic acid which stimulates cell regeneration * Vitamin E – increases blood flow, helps neutralize free radicals (which damage skin cells) * Emu oil – humectant, both hydrates and prevents moisture loss, fully absorbed * ESSENTIAL OILSClary sage  EO – regulates oil productions, increases circulation, relaxes nerves * Frankincense EO – astringent, improves circulation, strengthens skin tone and elasticity * Geranium  EO – circulation, astringent, muscle toner, helps promote cell growth * Jasmine EO  – stimulates cell growth, balances skins moisture, antioxidant, helps improve skins elasticity * Lavender EO - anti-septic, improves circulation, calming, antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory * Marjoram EO – improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, muscle relaxant * Rose EO – emollient, antiseptic, astringent * Rosemary EO – boosts nerve growth, balances androgen/estrogen * Ylang Ylang EO  – regulates sebum production, strengthens the nervous system



2oz . . . $9

4oz . . . $15

8oz . . . $28


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