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    ChickaBees Baby Body Butter is pure, gentle and nourishing - perfect for moisturizing your baby.  Non-greasy and gently scented with .05% essential oils, this balm helps protect, soothe and calm baby's delicate skin.  Moisturizes for a full 24 hours, contains no drying alcohols and won't clog pores. It’s formulated to be hypoallergenic, contains natural fragrance and gentle enough for daily use on baby's sensitive skin.

    Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way.



    Beeswax – protective breathable moisture barrier, exfoliant (high in Vit A), humectant

    Almond oil – rich in vitamins A/B/D/E. fully absorbed, it locks in moisture and softens the skin

    Cocoa butter – high in antioxidants (which helps fight off free radicals), deep moisturizer

    Coconut oil – excellent skin moisturizer, 85% lauric acid- which acts as an antibacterial agent for your skin

    Grapeseed oil – rich in beta-carotene and vit C/D/E, rich in polyphenols

    Jojoba oil – emollient, doesn’t clog pores, stimulates collagen, contains iodine (fights off bacteria)

    Rice bran oil – high in vit E, fully absorbed, improves skins elasticity

    Shea butter – moisturizing, exfoliant (high in Vit A)

    Sunflower oil – a natural emollient, high in antioxidants, contains linoleic acid which stimulates cell regeneration

    Vitamin E – increases blood flow, helps neutralize free radicals (which damage skin cells)

    Emu oil – humectant, both hydrates and prevents moisture loss, fully absorbed


    Frankincense EO – astringent, improves circulation, strengthens skin tone and elasticity

    Rose EO – emollient, antiseptic, astringent

    Clary sage EO – regulates oil productions, increases circulation, relaxes nerves

    Ylang Ylang EO – regulates sebum production, strengthens the nervous system


    2oz - $6

    4oz - $10

    8oz - $18


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