Food Wrap, little critters

Food Wrap, little critters


100% All-natural reusable food wrap!

  Extend foods life.  Eco-friendly.  Biodegradable.  Sustainable.

use these 100% cotton, earth-friendly, beeswax food wraps anywhere you might normally use plastic wrap.




Available as a 4 piece set  * *



 set includes:

(x2) 8"x 8"  use for lemon or lime, avocado, butter, fruit and veggi snacks  * 11"x 11"  use for cheese, sandwiches, covering your bowls, herbs * 14"x 14" * use for pizza, lettice, cabbage, leftovers, half-cut melons 


Also included with your set is a 100% organic cotton reusable mesh produce bag - for your shopping needs.


Also available is the extra large size (18"x20") for only $22  * *

- use for artisan bread - keeps it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, or to cover your bread bowl as the dough rises

- to cover your fermenting foods

- spaghetti squash, covering your casserole or salad dishes.

- to cover your seedling plants 


Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Instructions for Use:

your beeswax food wrap will soften from the warmth of your hands, wrap around your food or dish and pop in the fridge or your lunchbox.

can be used to cover dishes or bowls or cut ends of veggies.  make into a pocket to carry your sandwich or snacks!




How long will my Beeswax Food Wrap last?

wraps will typically last a year.  When the life of your wrap is done, it is fully compostable.


How do I clean my Beeswax Food Wrap?

rinse with cool water or wipe with a damp cloth.  Use a mild soap (castile), if necessary.  Avoid hot water, as it will melt the beeswax.  Hang or lay flat to dry

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