ChickaBees Luminary 

                         Made from 100% pure Canadian beeswax

                       these eloquent wax lanterns are very versatile.

        Use on your dinner table for a noticeable eye-catching appeal or

                  on your coffee table to enjoy its warm alluring glow.


                A pure beeswax tealight is all that is needed to create

          wonderful ambiance accompanied by that sweet honey scent.


                                           Yes, They do Float!

                * spectacular in a large bowl, a bathtub or a pond *

                                       How fantastic is that!!


     As with all 100% pure beeswax crafts, your luminary will eventually

                     develop a ‘bloom’ (proof that it’s 100% pure).

                 Because of this, your beeswax luminary may need

               an occasional polish (inside and out) with a soft cloth

                            to bring it back to it’s original shine.


                                       Or, enjoy it's patina

                 ~ and it will age with a lovely and rustic charm ~

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